31 December 2015

VCG in 2015...

A blog post I did over on Vulpine, and a piece written by the wonderful Lauren Laverne in Glamour Magazine this month has given me food for thought on this entry. A round-up of my year on the saddle isn't an unusual post for me to do, but this time I'm going to be a bit more honest about what some of these things really meant to me and why it's cool to celebrate those achievements.

20 December 2015

A Very Velo Christmas - Gift Guide...

It’s really not that long until Christmas, and some of you might still be on the look out for pressies for that special cyclist in your life (or just yourself, which is totally cool and you deserve it). If you’re having a last minute moment, here are some gifts you can still get in time for the 25th… OR enjoy over the holiday season and beyond…


22 November 2015

Cycle Revolution at The Design Museum...

If you live, breathe and love all things two-wheeled, the exhibition of your dreams has arrived at the Design Museum… and you HAVE to go see it.

31 October 2015

Girl in Gaiole - L'Eroica 2015

I've taken on the luscious green hills of the Peak District twice and become a hero on home soil. After wondering what it would be like to do it in Tuscany, I got the chance to ride the climbs, descents and Strade Bianchi of Gaiole. It was a very wet and rain soaked Sunday - not the cycling scenario I'd usually be into. But this wasn't hell. Surprisingly to myself, I loved every muddy & exhausting minute of it.

23 August 2015

London Bike Kitchen: WAGFEST 2015...

So, we know that London Bike Kitchen are pretty bad-ass, and on Saturday Jenni Gwiazdowski and the gang further proved it with their first ever LBKWAGFEST!

19 July 2015

The Red Hook Criterium London 2015...

Red Hook Crit's David Trimble, leading out the Men's Crit
(all photography by Ian James

I was already thinking about going along to it, but when The Cycle Show asked me to report on last Saturday’s Red Hook Crit, I jumped at the chance. This was the London debut of what is regarded as the world’s premier track bike crit, with riders coming from all over the world. With the chance on offer to get very up close and personal with the action, there was no way I was going to miss that chance.

12 July 2015

Back to Bakewell - Eroica Britannia 2015...

After 12 months of anticipation (I kid you not - I've been looking forward to it since last year's adventure), the big weekend finally came round for Eroica Britannia 2015! Returning again as a guest of Lush Cosmetics, this year I had The Boy join me for a 3 day jolly in the beautiful Peak District... and to take on 30 miles of the rolling countryside with me!

17 June 2015

The Pashley Picnic Ride 2015...

VCG's ‘Summer of Cycling’ is now in gear, and was kicked off in style when I attended the Pashley Picnic Ride! After 5 years of owning Frankie, it has certainly been a long time coming, and thanks to the amazing people at Pashley Cycles, me and The Boy went to the birthplace of my bike for a splendid stay and cycling adventure in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

17 May 2015

From Brick Lane to Bloomsbury - The return of Spin London...

From its inception in East London back in 2013 (and with fond memories of that for VCG and the Colourbolt), Spin London returned last weekend in a new venue - The Sorting Office in Holborn. The Urban Cycling Show took over the whole building for its biggest event ever. With the intention of hosting much more of the ever growing cycling scene, they certainly didn’t disappoint with the line up. There was a vast array of exhibitors including returning faces and new brands upstairs, and live talks over the weekend. Downstairs, the Sorting Room basement had been converted into a test track with some amazing looking bicycles being ridden around.

As I had the weekend off, I ventured over to Holborn Friday and Saturday as there was so much to see! I met some fantastic designers, frame builders, artists and new brands along the way... armed with my GoPro to capture the event, these were my highlights of the show...

30 April 2015

The London Tweed Run 2015...

The 7th annual Tweed Run rolled into London on the 18th of April and after weeks of planning, the day had come for me to bring that poster to life (in more detail than I anticipated), and ride alongside 700 stylish cyclists through the city...

15 April 2015

A Tailored Affair: Tweed Run Outfit (Pt2)...

With the dress made and ready for the ride, the remaining thing to sort for my Tweed Run outfit was the hat. When Nisa presented me with my finished garment, she also kindly gave me a small roll of dogtooth tweed that was left over... "this might come in handy later" she said with a knowing smile, and then pointed me in the direction of a milliner she regularly saw in Old Spitalfields Market. Nisa had remembered the there was a matching Pill Box hat in the poster. The last past of the puzzle was falling into place.

I won't lie - I'd never really been a 'proper' hat woman. I always loved the look of beautiful and ornate hats and fascinators, but never really thought they would suit me at all. Before this year, the only types you'd find in my wardrobe were beanies & bobbles that would only be deployed in the winter (or when in between hairstyles), so getting a fancy hat professionally made was something I never thought I would do. As soon as I'd arrived at Bellapacella, I realised that was about to change..


12 April 2015

A Tailored Affair: Tweed Run Outfit (Pt1)...

So, you may have noticed I'm even more excited than usual about the Tweed Run. For this years ride, the poster was designed by the brilliant Eliza Southwood. It features a woman (huzzah to that!) and that woman was inspired by... me. It feels pretty unreal to say that, and I'm still quite bowled over by it.

I love planning and putting together an outfit for the Tweed Run - its always been one of my favourite things about the event. As this one is a bit special, I decided to have a more fun and let life imitate art: I had to try and recreate the outfit from Eliza's amazing poster! 

23 March 2015

Beauty of the Build: VCG meets Darron Coppin of Sven Cycles...

The beauty of frame building is something I have come to really respect and admire. Over my 5 years in the world of cycling, I've been lucky enough to become the proud owner of a British hand-built bicycle, and become friends with some of the incredibly talented UK artisans in this field.

One of these frame builders I recently had the pleasure of meeting was Darron Sven Coppin, of Sven Cycles. Hosted in the stunning B1866 Brooks England store, Darron & Keith Noronha of Reynolds Tubing gave a Q&A session on "The Custom Bicycle". Elements of a custom build from fit and geometry to tube selection was covered at the event, with everyone having the chance to have a feel of some raw tubing and check out some of the amazing bespoke builds Darron had made, including the 'El Loco' single speed...

1 January 2015

VCG in 2014 - A year in review...

Well, it was an interesting one to say the least! A real mix of not so great stuff (#houseflood) to some rather ace stuff on two wheels went down in 2014. I didn't get to blog as much I wanted to, but I certainly didn't forget how to ride a bike in those 12 months... here's a quick look back at some VCG highlights...

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