31 December 2015

VCG in 2015...

A blog post I did over on Vulpine, and a piece written by the wonderful Lauren Laverne in Glamour Magazine this month has given me food for thought on this entry. A round-up of my year on the saddle isn't an unusual post for me to do, but this time I'm going to be a bit more honest about what some of these things really meant to me and why it's cool to celebrate those achievements.

20 December 2015

A Very Velo Christmas - Gift Guide...

It’s really not that long until Christmas, and some of you might still be on the look out for pressies for that special cyclist in your life (or just yourself, which is totally cool and you deserve it). If you’re having a last minute moment, here are some gifts you can still get in time for the 25th… OR enjoy over the holiday season and beyond…

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